At the end of September 2023, we learned that The Grid Arcade & Bar in Old Town Lansing was going to close it's doors for the last time.

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Starting "The Final Level" as they so lovingly put it in their Facebook post.

The only place of it's kind in the area, many patrons were very sad to see The Grid go when it closed the next month.

The Old Building for The Grid in Old Town Lansing

Some Lansing residents wondered was going to happen to the old bank building that The Grid occupied in Old Town Lansing. If you curious to learn what was going to happen, there's news...

Another local business will be moving into that building!

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Just announced on its Facebook page, Sweet Custom Jewelry in Old Town will be moving into the building at 226 E. Cesar Chavez.

Currently, Sweet Custom Jewelry resides around the corner at 1232 Turner Street. Comparatively, Sweet Custom Jewelry is making quite the jump size wise.

Congrats to Sweet Custom Jewelry! It's truly amazing to see a local Lansing business not only succeed, but thrive. And for me, Sweet Custom Jewelry holds a special place in my heart because that is where my husband created my custom engagement ring. That also where we went for our wedding bands.

When is Sweet Custom Jewelry Moving?

No word just yet on when Sweet Custom Jewelry will be moving into their new location. I would imagine they might want to do some redecorating. The Mario-sky painted walls definitely worked for the former arcade and bar, but it's perhaps not the tone that a custom jewelry store is trying to set. Until then, they'll continue to be open at their location on Turner Street.

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