Anyone outside of Michigan doesn't understand the sheer power of the Old English 'D'. This list is WRONG!

Okay, the classic pinstripe look of the New York Yankees and the Chicago Cubs may have an edge over the Detroit Tigers uniforms. Slightly.

Of course I am partial when it comes to the Detroit Tigers. But most baseball uniform aficionados will agree, the Tigers traditional, clean look is one of the best looks in the game, but on this stupid list released by some people who call themselves "PlayUSA" put the Tigers at 14th in the Major Leagues.


How many uniforms on that list have so influenced a metropolitan region, that they refer to themselves by the giant letter on the team's baseball uniform?

Just one that I know of...the Detroit Tigers.

Don't believe me? Google this: "Why is Detroit called 'The D'?"

The answer: because of the Old English 'D' on the Detroit Tigers baseball uniforms!!

The city, which was battered by race riots and a sluggish auto industry in the late '60s and early '70s, lifted itself back up, and the classic 'D' started popping up on t-shirts and on people's skin as tattoos by the early '90s. Soon, the area itself became known simply as 'the D'.

Okay, there are some who do NOT like that nickname for Detroit, including myself. But let's be honest, I'm powerless to stop it.

So why are the Tigers uniforms rated so low? Good question.

I get the Yankees, Cubs and Red Sox as the top three, but after that, things get shaky.

The Cincinnati Reds are listed at four -- which I might have agreed with, had they not opted for some added black shadow to the red and white a few years back.

And the Chicago White Sox have had so many weird uniforms (including Bermuda shorts for God's sakes) over the years, they've lost the right to go back to their classic look and yell 'tradition'!

And while the Cardinals' 'birds sitting on a bat' script is super cool and is almost as old as the 'D' logo, the Cards did adapt that very leisure suit, sansabelt slacks look in the '70s, which causes some very serious violation points.

The Tigers, who never lost the classic look (at home, anyway), deserve to be at least number three IMHO, if not number one.

If, as Terence Mann says in the movie 'Field of Dreams', "the one thing that is constant is baseball", well, I would argue that the second thing that has been constant is the Tigers uniforms.

The following photos are over 20 years apart, could you tell? Not by the uniform.

Houston Astros v Detroit Tigers
Getty Images
Andy Tomberlin
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