What's that saying 'life is what you make it'? Or "if life hands you lemons, make lemonade"? Either one could work to describe this story that was recently on Facebook. It goes something like this...

Earlier this month, Kristen Vogler decided to have some fun with her family by changing out the pictures on their wall with some fabulous recreations that she made with crayons. Her goal was to see how long it took for them to notice that some of their prized pictures had been replaced with a "new, and terrible, crayon drawing." When Kristen started the crayon prank, she thought that they would notice in a day or two. Well, Kristen was wrong. It took several many days for her parents to notice the new crayon masterpieces. Check out the photo diary that Kristen kept of her handy work. (Even her captions are funny!) And then, you HAVE to check out the video of her parent's reactions when they finally saw the new "pictures."

The Crayon Picture Prank

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Here's the original post on Facebook from Kristen Vogler. As you can see, there's now a bet between her parents as to how many views the video can get. The video is also included in the original Facebook page. Check it out and show her some love. And thank you Kristen for letting us share in your fun!

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