We've all seen and heard about all of the college entrance and admission controversies lately with people, even very well known people allegedly paying their kids' way into universities under false pretenses.

Well this isn't the same thing. This is an actual scam revolving around college entrance exams. This information from the East Lansing Police Department Facebook page:

We've received reports of parents of high school aged kids getting unsolicited phone calls offering college entrance exams study packs. The caller is very persuasive leading parents to believe that their student requested this information.The caller asks for an email address and credit card information to reserve the guide. Do not provide any personal information to the caller, this is a scam.

ELPD reminds citizens not to give our personal or financial information to anyone over the phone. Please call ELPD with any concerns.

Get more information here from the East Lansing Police Department Facebook page.

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