Do you like going out for a nice dinner? I certainly do. I'll go out with family, friends or even by myself sometimes. I enjoy all food, so what I look for in a good restaurant is not only a great menu, but atmosphere and a fun staff that enjoys their job.

The people have weighed in with their reviews, and according to Yelp, these are the ten best restaurants in Lansing:

10. The Rusty Mug

9. Crazycrab

8. Soup Spoon Cafe (Erica and I have been here; it's excellent. You must try the pumpkin soup. WOW!)

7. Zaytoon Mediterranean

6. Green Dot Stables

5. The Creole Burger Bar and Southern Kitchen

4. Choupli Wood Fire Kabob

3. Meat Barbeque (I have been here, and it is fantastic.)

2. The Peoples Kitchen

1. Bowdies Chophouse

One of my personal favorites that did not make the top 10 on yelp that is definitely in my top 10 is ZOUP.  I love going here for lunch, and one of my favorite things on the menu is the Chicken Toscana sandwich with chicken, provolone, roasted red peppers, marinated onions, basil mayo on Italian Bread. It's amazing. I also love their broth bowls and salads. The menu does have comfort food and some of it is pretty healthy.

If you have a favorite restaurant, please let us know. Erica and I may talk about it on the WITL morning show. Especially if it's your favorite and they are struggling because of COVID. Reach us in the morning at 517-363-2233.

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