This week marks 60 years since Air Force Captain John S. Lappo flew his B-47 bomber under the Mackinac Bridge.

UNDER. Not a typo.

According to, on April 28, 1959, Capt. Lappo, a decorated veteran of WWII and Korea from Muskegon, flew his B-47 - a six engine jet with a 116 foot wingspan, designed to drop nuclear bombs on Russia - under the bridge, earning himself a great story, a memorable last flight, a court martial hearing and (probably) free beers for the rest of his life. And while he did have to go through a court martial hearing (apparently somebody saw him - probably through the grating on the bridge looking down) he ended up staying in the Air Force for 13 more years and getting promotions along the way. But he never did fly for the Air Force again

Proving, if you're going to go out - go out big.


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