It was 2010, and the line up was going to be Frankie Ballard, no stranger to Michigan as he had performed many times in the area even before getting a major record deal, plus he's from Battle Creek.

Plus we had a brand new artist that rounded out the lineup who had visited my show earlier in the year and who had just released his first single. His name was Brett Eldredge.

The Wittle Country Christmas Party for 2010 was set!


While out on the road promoting his first single, Brett began to experience stomach pains, which sent him to a clinic. The clinic sent him to an ER, and the reason for the stomach pains, Brett's appendix, was removed. So Brett was now better and that was good, but you shouldn't be singing so soon after an appendectomy. I understand that, but what are we gonna do now that Brett is out?

Luckily, earlier the same week as The Wittle Country Christmas Party, Steve Holy stopped by the station to hang out and it hits me, "I wonder if Steve Holy will come and be a part of the show?"

42nd Annual Academy Of Country Music Awards All-Star Jam
Steve Holy - Ethan Miller/Getty Images

So we make the call, Steve graciously agrees to turn around and come back to Lansing with a couple of guitar players and perform at the party. And you know what? He was amazing. If you were there you know.

That guy from Battle Creek was pretty good that night too. Frankie always puts on a great show and he's a terrific guitar player.

What could have potentially been a disaster turned out to be one of our best events ever, thanks to Steve Holy and Frankie Ballard. It was a great night at The Whiskey Barrel Saloon. And Brett Eldredge? I have never seen him perform. Well at least not in concert. He did sound great when he sang a few acoustic songs on my show when he visited that day.

Photo by WITL Staff
Brett Eldredge & Chris Tyler 2010 - Photo by WITL Staff

I'm looking forward so seeing Brett and Frankie and the rest of the lineup at this years Taste of Country Music Festival, presented by Your Neighborhood Michigan Ford Dealers.

Get your tickets here!


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