Runaway June showcase their impeccable harmonies and one-of-a-kind ability to sell the emotions of a song during "Fine Wine," their newest release. Watch an acoustic performance of the sultry tribute, part of the Duke Spirits Master Series, during this exclusive Taste of Country premiere.

The trio — Jennifer Wayne, Natalie Stovall and Stevie Woodward — sing about unabashedly using fine wine (or maybe cheap wine, as a clever play on words leaves it open to interpretation) to get over a heartbreak. "Heartaches are ooo / Headaches are too / Getting over him means getting more of you," they sing, charging into the final chorus.

"So fine, wine / I'm giving in to you tonight / Fine, wine, I don't care if you're red or white / Go rushing to my head / Lay with you in bed / Make me forget that he ain't mine / Until I'm feeling fine, wine."

Long celebrated for their musicianship and tight vocals, Runaway June returned with new music in October. A song called "Broken Hearts (Do Broken Things)" reintroduced the band (with a new lineup) but let longtime fans know they're still committed to themes of empowerment through breakups. A Top 40 hit called "Lipstick" and their Top 20 single "Buy My Own Drinks" embodied that spirit.

While Woodward opens the song as lead vocalist, Stovall also takes a verse as Wayne (the group's last original member) maintains her roll on high harmonies. Since forming in 2015, Runaway June have garnered critical acclaim, ACM and CMT Award nominations and an opening slot on Carrie Underwood's tour. Talking to GMA in 2019, Wayne admitted one of their favorite on-tour hobbies with Underwood was drinking fine wine.

"It was such an honor to be a part of the Duke Master Series. All of the artists embody the grit, talent, and persistence that my grandfather, John Wayne, was the epitome of," Wayne says of recording this series. "As a group we can only hope we follow in his footsteps. We performed the song 'Fine Wine' for the series but we do like our bourbon too!"

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