Runaway June are ushering in a new era with their new song “Broken Hearts (Do Broken Things).”

The upbeat singalong offering is the first with new lead vocalist Stevie Woodward, who joins Natalie Stovall and original member Jennifer Wayne and replaces previous frontwoman Naomi Cooke.

“Broken Hearts (Do Broken Things” is a playful confessional on what a devastating relationship can cause a person to do — and the list is endless.

“She called her ex / Sent him a text / What the hell was she thinking / What the hell was she drinking / She cut her hair / On a midnight dare / What the hell was she thinking / What the hell was she drinking,” the group sing with bewilderment in the opening verse, before continuing to list the senseless things the devastated girl has done.

“She's been making out with strangers / Shoots tequila without chaser / Been crying in the club Sweepin' tears under the rug / She's been dancing up on tables / Call her crazy and unstable / But she ain't as messed up as you think / Broken Hearts Do Broken Things,” they proclaim with sass.


“We all have that friend (or are that friend) that gets their heartbroken and makes questionable decisions after a breakup. This song is a fun take on that and a more supportive approach and not a judgmental one,” Runaway June tell Taste of Country of their newly-released song, which Mandi Sagal, Sarah Lake and Steve Fee wrote.

Given this relatable storyline, the trio say it was a “no-brainer” selecting it as the follow-up song to their hit single, “Buy My Own Drinks.”

“It felt like an anthem and a song that the fans would love. We have been writing nonstop for this new chapter and are excited to share more on the new sound,” they share.

Beaming with excitement, Runaway June tease that “lots of new music” is in the pipeline for 2023 as they prepare to re-introduce themselves with a new lead singer while maintaining their signature harmonies and artistry that fans have grown to love.

“We’ve written and recorded so many great songs we are really excited about and it feels like we’ve really created a unique sound. The live shows are filled with multi-instrument solos, three-part harmony and a lot of crowd interaction!! We can't wait to bring the new music on the road in 2023!"

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