What would Thanksgiving be without a parade? The turkey holiday is right around the corner, and I am excited because I am a turkey dinner junkie. I can eat turkey leftovers for days. Big fan of the white meat and stuffing and those leftover turkey sandwiches with extra cheese and lots of mayo. And of course that sweet pumpkin pie.

Click on Detroit is reporting that the Parade Company are all set to go with America's Thanksgiving Day Parade. It has been recognized as the best holiday parade by USA today two years in a row.  How cool is it waking up on thanksgiving morning smelling the turkey cooking, grabbing breakfast and parking it in front of the TV to watch?  And of course we a have to flip to the New York Parade as well to check out their floats.

So how will the pandemic affect the holidays this year? The CDC says small gatherings should be low risk, especially if you are just staying home with family and friends. Now traveling will of course increase your risk because it increases your chances of getting and spreading the virus, so make sure if you are hitting the road you bring plenty of masks and antibacterial soap.

The best way to stay safe if you're worried is to stay home with a small family gathering with people already in the household.

So how is your Thanksgiving gonna change this year? Are you staying home instead of traveling? Share what you will be doing differently this year for the holidays.

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