Less than a year after notching her first-ever No. 1 country radio single with "Somebody Like That," Tenille Arts has shared a new studio album full of songs based on her personal memories and experiences. It all started during the COVID-19 pandemic, the singer explains in a press release, when the unexpected time off the road left her more time to reflect on her life and teenage years. Ultimately, she found herself writing a set of songs that "I wish I had back then," she says.

"Songs about the things I was going through and the things I had yet to experience. Like a letter to myself...Girl to Girl," Arts continues, nodding to the album's title.

The singer co-wrote each of the project's 13 tracks, which are structured in loosely chronological order based on her life story -- backwards. "You can listen to this album in two directions. From top to bottom, you'll hear my life from right now to back then," Arts explains. "My current world all the way to some of my earliest memories. If you listen from bottom to top, you're in for a little 'Back Then, Right Now.' The chronological order of how I got to where I am today."

The project includes Arts' current single, "Back Then, Right Now," which is the first song on the track list. Closing out the album is "Growing Old Young," another song she shared with fans before Girl to Girl arrived in full.

Arts' new album also includes a couple of duets: "Over You is Over You" features Matt Stell, while "Breakup Songs" is a collaboration with Callista Clark.

Girl to Girl came out on Friday (Oct. 22.)

Tenille Arts, Girl to Girl Track Listing:

"Back Then, Right Now" (Tenille Arts, Dave Pittenger, MacKenzie Porter, Parker Welling) Produced by: Dave Pittenger
"That’s My Friend You’re Talkin’ About" (Tenille Arts, Allison Veltz-Cruz, Alex Kline) Produced by: Alex Kline
"One Bedroom Apartment" (Tenille Arts, Alex Kline, Palmer Lee) Produced by: Alex Kline
"Breakup Songs" (feat. Callista Clark) (Tenille Arts, Jason Massey, Nick Wayne) Produced by: Nathan Chapman
"Life Goes Like That" (Tenille Arts, Allison Veltz-Cruz, Alex Kline) Produced by: Alex Kline
"Girl to Girl" (Tenille Arts, Ben Goldsmith, Trannie Anderson) Produced by: Nathan Chapman
"Heartbreak Regulars" (Tenille Arts, Holden James, Palmer Lee) Produced by: Alex Kline
"Mama’s Boy" (Tenille Arts, Alex Kline, Dave Pittenger, Allison Veltz-Cruz) Produced by: Alex Kline & Dave Pittenger
"Over You is You" (feat. Matt Stell) (Tenille Arts, Alex Kline, Matt Stell, Ben Stennis) Produced by: Alex Kline
"Give It to Me Straight" (Tenille Arts, Dave Pittenger, Allison Veltz-Cruz) Produced by: Dave Pittenger
"High School Sweetheart" (Tenille Arts, AJ Babcock, Brandon Ratcliff) Produced by: AJ Babcock
"Sweet Sixteen" (Tenille Arts, Alex Kline, Allison Veltz-Cruz) Produced by: Alex Kline
"Growing Old Young" (Tenille Arts, Ray Fulcher, Shane Sniteman) Produced by: Nathan Chapman

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