Don't worry, no actual sharks will be swimming into the Grand. But you can come enjoy a free movie while in a boat on the Grand!

This Friday; River town Adventures, Lansing's City TV, Lansing City Market, and Waterfront Bar & Grill present "Jaws" on the Grand. You get the chance to watch this classic film "over the dark waters of the Grand River", but don't worry, the Grand is shark free.

There are a few options to catch this flick:

  1. On the waters of the Grand inside a kayak or canoe.
  2. On the shore of the outside plaza of the Lansing City Market.
  3. On the patio of the Waterfront Bar & Grill.

If you're daring enough for the water, you can bring your own water vessel or rent one from River Town Adventures. A single person kayak will run you $10. Or you can rent a canoe or double kayak for $20. The BYOB (Bring Your Own Boat) option is available too, and that won't cost you a thing. Just keep in mind that state regulations say that your boat has to have a light on both the front and back ends. River Town Adventures recommends bringing an anchor or small rope as well if you want to stay stationary. If you've opted to stay ashore, just bring yourself and a seat! Get more details on this watery excursion HERE.

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