Do you go into work when you're not feeling well? I have to admit that I'm currently suffering from a cold and I thought about staying home today but then decided that I could 'tough it out' and came into work anyway. And apparently, I join a rather large group of people that still come into work when they're not feeling great.

According to a new survey by Accountemps, a whopping 90 percent of workers come into the office when they have cold or flu symptoms. The survey results indicate that one of the main reasons that people still come into work—even though they're not feeling that great—is because they have too much work to do and about 40% of the people surveyed say that simply don't want to use sick time.

(For the record, I did take my temperature this morning before I came into work and there was no fever. If there had been a fever, I would've definitely stayed home. To me a fever is always the indicator of something more than just a typical cold...but I'm no doctor...)

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