So this is a stressful time of year, especially with the holidays coming up. Maybe it's time for a little staycation. I love them. You know why? Because you can drive a short way, check into a hotel and relax, and you don't have the stress of flying or worrying about flight delays.

When I lived in Vegas for 7 years it was great because I lived away from the strip. I would check into a hotel on the Vegas strip, gamble, get a massage, and eat at nice restaurants.  Very little travel time and a blast. Who doesn't love being pampered at a nice hotel?

In case you want to check into a hotel in the Lansing area for a staycation, here are the top ten from yelp.  Also, may I suggest driving and staying at one of the casinos close by, like Firekeepers.

Here's a great suggestion: you could also drive 3 1/2 hours to my hometown in Chicago. There's so many fun things to do. Like eating Chicago Pizza. YUM!  If you stay downtown you can shop at Water Tower Place, and eat and party at The Magnificent Mile.

You'll also have to check out the Chicago Water Tower and the top of the John Hancock Building or the Willis tower, which was formerly the Sears Tower.  The views are spectacular on a clear day.

Of course depending on the time of year there are all the Chicago sports teams. May I suggest Wrigley Field. It is beautiful especially when the vines start to sprout in the spring.

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