Do you have any travel dreams? Wanna go to Vegas? New York? Maybe LA? Well, this couple from Michigan just completed their travel quest of visiting every county in the lower 48 states. That's right, EVERY COUNTY!

Jennifer and Jonathan Riehl from Hancock, Michigan, completed their journey this week when they boarded a ferry to the island of Nantucket. That was the final stop on their long trip of visiting all 3,108 counties in the the lower 48 states that started back in 2006.  According to the Cape Cod Times, they've seen almost everything on their adventure from blizzards to bears, an avalanche and even a landslide. They drove about 50,000 miles a year. Apparently, the couple isn't done traveling yet because they now plan to visit every county in Alaska and then will begin to take on visiting every county in Hawaii.



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