As sports teams attempt to plan their returns, some are playing with the idea of CGI crowds to add a sense of normalcy for viewers at home.

On MLive, The Tylt is diving into the debate that has many sports fans split on the idea.

According to The Tylt, networks like Premier League are planning to continue on with fanless stadiums, like what the WWE has been doing, while networks like Sky Sports are pushing the CGI crowds.

Some fans have viewed it as a desperate attempt to get sports at and Twitter user, @steven_metcalfe, questioned it and called it "the stupid ideas club."

The Tylt does point out, however, how easy it is to lose interest in a sporting event where there is no other ambient noise surrounding it.

Imagine watching your favorite basketball team only to hear them calling plays, the shoes squeaking across the court and the occasional "swish" as the ball goes into the basket. To me, it just seems a bit awkward.

As the WWE has been continuing on without fans, The Tylt is pointing out that it has not necessarily proven to be beneficial for ratings.

Twitter user, @UpperGwladysBlu, said, "WWE have been taping weekly tv shows with no fans present since mid-March & tv ratings for their shows have steadily dropped each week since then. Whether its wrestling or football, performances or matches, viewers generally don’t like events with no fans live. Its a turn off."

If it is between no sports at all or settling for an augmented version without "real" fans, those who are missing all things sports probably would choose the latter.

Personally, I know through watching iRacing as NASCAR has been doing to give us fans at least something, fans in the stands aren't really something I pay attention to, but would absolutely notice if they were gone. The CGI ones in iRacing definitely give it a sense of normalcy and I think it is actually pretty impressive!

But what do I know? We want to hear from you! Would you prefer to watch sports with no fans at all? Would CGI ones make it feel a bit normal? Or does it not really matter and you just want some dang sports?

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