UPDATE: Eastwood has been adopted!

Eastwood is a special-needs doggy who was the only one who wasn't adopted at a northern Michigan Humane Society shelter during Saturday's 'Empty the Shelter' event. But after Eastwood's story went viral, MLive reports that the shelter got "more than 80 applications" from people who wanted to give this sweet boy a furever home. Read more details here.

And check out the original story below...


Michigan's "Empty the Shelters" day took place this last Saturday. It's an annual event observed by shelters and rescue groups all over Michigan in an effort to find furever homes for all the dogs and cats who need one, and the Bissell Pet Foundation covers all the adoption fees! MLive reports that this year was another success, with "more than 1,500 animals" getting adopted. But, sadly, there's one doggy in Harbor Springs who did not get adopted...

Eastwood is the doggy in question, and he's an adorable "red-coated Labrador retriever mix [who] was born with some health problems", which is why Little Traverse Bay Humane Society thinks we wasn't adopted in the first place. "Eastwood's vision isn't perfect" and there's "a genetic defect with one of his rear legs" that may need to be addressed in the future. But, the Humane Society proclaims that he's "so sweet" and they "know it will be well worth it."

If you or someone you know has the ability to provide a furever home for a dog with some special needs, look no further than Eastwood. Check out his bio and pictures from the Little Traverse Bay Humane Society Facebook page!

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