It's a big deal, and according to the Lansing State Journal it's about a $1 million dollar deal. Michigan State University's Spartan Stadium is getting resodded (is that even a word?) and it's taking place this spring.

Get this...the sod being used for the project is multiple blends of Kentucky bluegrass and here's the's being brought in from a company in New Jersey.

See, this is why I always got confused in geography class...just kidding. Obviously Kentucky bluegrass doesn't have to be grown in Kentucky. Right? Well at least I think I'm right about this. Anyway geography aside, the install of the new grass is not only going to look great but it will also freshen up the playing surface of the field. This type of grass has already been used by the stadium for the last few years and the existing sod will be recycled around the campus to make room for the new bluegrass.

Get more info about the project here from the Lansing State Journal.

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