Your local concession stand is about to have a whole new look: NO FOOD! It appears that the Ingham County Health Department is cracking down on concession stands and starting on May 1st, in the Holt school district there will no longer be "prepared" foods available for purchase in the concession stand. In my online research, it appears that these rules are a result of a ruling in the Michigan Food Law of 2000:

Under the Michigan Food Law of 2000, per section 289.4101, high school concession stands are required to be licensed if they serve potentially hazardous food such as hot dogs, walking tacos, hamburgers, etc., and are not in the same building as a district's licensed kitchen, or if they are operated by a separate management such as a boosters club, parent organization or community group.

My source says that the "banned" foods list also includes pizza and coffee and that the Ingham County Health Department is requiring all of the concession stands in the district to meet their regulations, which includes having three sinks and being licensed with the state and other requirements as well. One of those "other" requirements may include the rule that the volunteer in the concession stand has to wear a hairnet! As we all know, getting someone to volunteer to help in the concession stand is hard enough. Can you imagine how short the volunteer list will be if they're required to wear a hairnet?

I'm not sure how this will relate to your neighborhood garage sale, church fundraiser, car wash or other event where you serve food. But I think we can assume that you would be in violation as well, so you might want to check on that...

And as far as the concession stands, this is completely appalling to me. We have very little funding, if any, for high school sports anymore and this is just going to hurt the school districts' sports programs even more. The pay to play fees are outrageous already. I can't wait to see how much we're going to have to pay next year...your thoughts?