I got my first (Moderna) COVID19 vaccine 4 weeks ago, and many folks told me to get ready to not feel so good the next day.  Well, the 1st shot did not even phase me.  I pretended I didn't even get it, and felt no COVID19 symptoms after.

Now,  I was warned that the 2nd shot would hit me like a Mack truck starting after the first 8 hours. I was a little queasy about 4 hours after, and that slowly went away.  Here it is about 24 hours later, and I feel pretty darn good, and frankly I am glad the vaccines are behind me at this point.

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When I posted pics of me getting my 2nd shot at the MSU Pavilion, many of the comments that came up said, get ready you will be sick for a while, like they experienced. Some said to take Tylenol or Ibruprophen every 4 to 6 hours.  A few even advised to to take off work the next day. I did appreciate all the advice, but from what I have been hearing it really depends on the person on whether you will have any side effects, or get sick. I did NOT.


I was joking that it hurt, but it was painless. My arm was a bit sore after, but that's it. I really want to say thank you as well to all the folks at the MSU Pavilion that worked with the Ingham County Health Dept. They were all so AWESOME. Both shots was a pleasant experience, and the staff was not only kind, and courteous, they were also very knowledge, and had a great sense of humor.   Plus there was a very short wait. I was out of there in 20 minutes.   Overall both shots were effortless.


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