Free donuts you say? You bet, at Krispy Kreme all week long. There is one catch, however. You must be able to prove you have been vaccinated! Show your card, get two free donuts, and one is shaped as a heart!

Difficult to believe, but it's Labor Day Weekend coming up. Yep, and this is the last "official" week of summer. Come on, Fall is still three and one-half weeks away. Yikes!

There are a lot of labor deals not, and of course, free donuts at Krispy Kreme is one of them.

The website Delish posted the story that in years past, Krispy Kreme has offered different deals over this weekend that are almost a steal. Last year, if you bought one dozen Original Glazed donuts, you could get the second dozen for only a dollar. This year, they won't be offering that though. Instead, they are doubling down on their "Show Your Heart" campaign.

If you show your vaccination card anytime from now to September 5, you will get two free donuts, and one is in the shape of a heart. So make sure you get vaccinated (if you aren't already), and find the closest Krispy Kreme to redeem this sweet treat.

Those donuts include an original glazed and a new heart-shaped glazed which looks so cute and packs the same sweet flavor you already love.

Some good news is that since Krispy Kreme started their vaccination campaign back in March of this year, the company has given out 2.5 million free donuts and they're not stopping there. After the "Show Your Heart" campaign ends on September 5, Krispy Kreme will continue their one free donut per day for vaccinated individuals deal through the rest of the year!

Be sure to bring a valid proof of vaccination to Krispy Kreme on the East Beltline by the malls if you want to claim the deal. Hey, you should also take a look at Krispy Kreme's latest offers since they're always mixing up their menus and you might want to buy some crazy flavors to go along with your free ones.


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