A lot of our favorite things have been postponed or cancelled by the coronavirus. Concerts, sports, vacations. What if something cool in Michigan was scheduled to take place in the last week in May that could NOT get postponed?

Like Randy Jackson on American Idol used to say, "I got you, dog"

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During the last week in May (Memorial Day - but, who knows WHEN we'll all be back to working), drive as far north in Michigan as you can on a clear night, find a dark place and look low in the sky and further north. You'll be looking for a comet, Comet ATLAS. Astronomy Magazine says:

Just maybe it will be the most amazing thing you will ever see — a great comet for the history books.

The experts are quick to point out that this isn't guaranteed. But if everything lines up, it'll be something to tell your grandkids about. Better yet, if you have 'em - bring the grandkids with you. This might be the event we're all looking for. And hopefully, the start of a good summer.

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