What's that saying, 'nothing good ever happens after 2 am'? Well, how about just before 2 am? Do you think it would still apply? In this case, it appears that the saying might just be true because over the weekend, security cameras captured video of a man that seemed to be 'attacking' the Mr. Taco building on South Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard in Lansing in the early morning hours on Saturday.

Surveillance video (you can watch it below) that was captured by a security camera owned by Bill Bonofiglo shows a man picking up multiple landscaping rocks and then he throws the rocks through multiple windows of the restaurant. Also, as you can see in the time stamping on the video, the incident occurred just before 2 am on Saturday morning, May 16th. (Going back to that whole 'nothing good ever happens after 2 am' thing I was talking about earlier.) Now I hate to be all 'judgy' and stuff but it appears that this individual may have been having a little too much fun before he decided to be a minor league pitcher in the parking lot at Mr. Taco. Take a good look at the video and see if this is someone you might have met once. He's got a unique walk in the video, he's clearly right-handed and you might recognize that shirt and/or hoodie. If you know who this is, you can call the Lansing Police Department at 517-483-4600. Thanks to Saddleback Barbecue for sharing the video and allowing us to share it as well.

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