Earlier this week, we shared the video of the person that was 'attacking' the Mr. Taco building over the weekend. In that video, you could see the individual pick up lots of landscaping rocks and repeatedly throw them at the building. The incident happened around 2 am on Saturday morning, May 16th and was captured by a security camera that is owned by Bill Bonofiglo, the owner of Mr. Taco.

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Well, we've got an update for you. The vandal has been arrested. The following statement from Bonofiglo was posted on the Mr. Taco Facebook page:


The person who committed the crimes against Mr. Taco has been arrested! Various citizens cooperated leading to his arrest.

I want to personally thank everyone that helped, tried to help, even thought of helping, and who sent support via Facebook to my family and I.

Thank you!!!

We are OPEN tomorrow 11-4pm. The drive-thru is fixed and we want to see you!

By the way, if you haven't seen it yet, here's the video we were talking about. Thanks again to Saddleback Barbecue for sharing the video and allowing us to share, too.


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