It is nice to see the restrictions loosening up in Michigan this week for bars and restaurants. One more sign we are headed back to normalcy. When I do go out to dinner, or head to a bar, I generally like to start later in the evening like around 7 or 8. And personally I think 2 AM is a good time to call it a night. Maybe a 4 AM close is asking for trouble. It could contribute to more bar fights and car accidents.

Some folks think bars staying open till 4 in the morning would be harder on bar employees as well as the police, maybe even EMTs and paramedics. Plus there is no guarantee the two extra hours per night would make up for all the lost revenue of the last 12 months.

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In normal years, bands play late into the night at Mac's Bar a few nights a week. They could go even later under a bill introduced in the legislature that would extend bar hours in Michigan until 4 a.m.

But Scott Bell, the bar's manager and talent buyer, doesn't want them to.

“I don’t think anything good can be accomplished or happens after 2 a.m.,” Bell said.

In my experience from over the years, I seem to remember bars start to empty around 12:30 or 1 in the morning anyway. If I was working in a bar as a waiter or bartender, that would make it a long night, especially if you start early in the evening.

What do you think about a 4 AM curfew for bars?

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