During the holidays, McDonald's will be selling waffle fries. "That's great!", you say. "I'll just go down to my American owned McDonald's and order me up some of those."

Not so fast.

According to Consumerist.com, waffle fries will only be available this holiday season at the McDonald's locations in Canada. Sure, you could go buy some waffle fries at the store and microwave them. You could go to some bar and order them with a beer while you sit in the dark and watch "Seinfeld" re-runs. You could buy a machine on late-night TV that slices and dices potatoes and make them yourself. But, you and I both know - it wouldn't be the same.

And why Canada and not the U.S.? Is this a testing situation? Like Canada tested hockey and snow and Pamela Anderson before we got those?

Here's the story.

And I'll see YOU in line at the border. Nod when you see me. I'll understand.