Look, I get it, as far as social justice and political correctness goes, we've come leaps and bounds in recent years. Certain things that were once more accepted as the butt of a joke, we now realize the error of our ways.

There has definitely been some much-needed change when it comes to comedy and humor and understanding each other...I think we've gone too far to the extreme.

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What I've Noticed

I understand the powers that be would rather not have me write this all this way and would rather I give you "The 10 best comedy clubs in Michigan"...that's definitely an idea for later.

For now, I need to get this off my chest because I feel like EVERYONE now gets off on this "well actually..." kind of thing when it comes to joking around.

It's happened to me so many times where people will say "I get your joking but it's actually this..." and I just have to sit and think "IT'S NOT THAT DEEP."

I think people are just so quick to stomp out other people's joy, the things that make them happy like making people laugh because they are miserable themselves and that is so sad.

Is it the Pandemic or What?

So what is the problem, did the pandemic make us more cynical? Sure. Did it make us a bit more soured to the world? Yes. Did it make us turn on each other? Sure.

What it didn't do was take away our ability to sit back and laugh at how ridiculous the world around us truly is.

If you sit for five minutes you'll realize what someone said was funny and does not warrant your irrelevant "well actually it's like this" or "you forgot this."

As someone who strives to be funny 23 out of 24 hours a day, trust me when I say, whatever you are about to "correct" us with, we already know it, we have already practiced for someone to have that reaction and we have a response on deck that may upset you even more.

Maybe it's the fact that we lost a comedy LEGEND this past week in losing Norm MacDonald but I am more inspired than ever to make people laugh again.

Norm came up at a time where people and audiences could sit back and acknowledge someone was joking, laugh, and move on. Now...everyone wants their own attention, want to feel like they've "bested" each other...and for what?

Most of you don't want to correct someone to simply educate them or make them better, you're doing it because you want to somehow feel better about yourself...and I think you should take a step back and figure out why someone else's joy makes you so uncomfortable....

Let's make Michigan laugh again...starting with some memes about the very thing that must have sucked the joy out of everything, COVID-19:

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