This Kalamazoo guy has the hair of a rock star and the sense of humor of a stand-up comedian.

Attention fellow TikTok addicts.  I would like you to check out this Kalamazoo TikTok creator named Derek Mann also known as @derekmann30 on the app.  He currently has 12.8 thousand followers and 225,300 total video likes.  This guy is hilarious.  His duct tape video is what pulled me.

At nearly 700,000 views, Derek's most watched video proves duct tape does NOT fix everything as it takes a hilarious twist at the end.

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Well, now I know I'm not alone.  I often feel bad for certain articles of clothing that don't get what I call "equal wear."  In this video, that has been viewed over 200,000 times, Derek has the same issue with cups.  But not all cups.


We've all been there, right?  That awkward "you too" moment gets me every dang time.  This video has been viewed nearly 117,000 times.


Somehow, this video only has 5,000 views. It is hilarious and deserves more.

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