I know she's "separated" from country music right now, (kids - they all leave home eventually) but you gotta love the talent, heart and drive of Taylor Swift. And, don't worry - she'll come back.

She's done it all - writing and singing number one songs, acting in movies and on TV and selling out stadiums around the world. Her newest video is debuting at the beginning of the Billboard Music Awards Show on May 17th. Apparently the new video for the song "Bad Blood" features an all-star cast of award winning music and film stars.

But what was the FIRST music video she ever appeared in? According to the New York Daily News, it was Brad Paisley's "Online", directed by Jason Alexander, who claims (with tongue in cheek) that Taylor would've been nothing if he hadn't jump-started her career by putting her in that video.

Somehow, I think she would've found a way. It's great video, but I had forgotten she was in it (along with Kellie Pickler as backup dancers). Take a look:



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