Sadly This Is Not A Stinky Feet Joke

I'll be the first to admit, I can't stand it when people display absolutely no home training (manners) and put their feet up on things. Your dirty feet that have been walking around all day on the ground. Or worse yet your stinky bare feet. Drives me insane.

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I have ranted about it before.

I hate it in the theater.

Credit: McConnell Adams NCG Cinemas

This makes me ill.

Credit: @jessiechar via twitter. Used with permission

And this...just...why?

Photo by Ljupche Vasilev on Unsplash

I was on my way into Quality Dairy late this afternoon and I wasn't able to snap a shot quick enough, but I got an eyeful of someone's stinky paws on the dashboard of a minivan.

Lord help you if you do it in my car on my dashboard.

It's warmer weather season and as you get ready for road trips or maybe even a trip across town, get ready to see it more often. And maybe you're one of the main offenders.

Know this.

It's dirty, it's nasty, it's filthy.

It's not illegal.


Airbags Are Fast OK?

Photo by Leio McLaren ( on Unsplash

I don't want to be gross or graphic. So to help me demonstrate what it would look like if you were in an accident and your feet were on the dashboard this summer, please take a look.

Unless you like the idea of your feet, knees, and legs going every which way but loose and possibly through your face, keep them on the floor.

Need another example?

Note this DUMMY is texting and not paying attention when an accident could happen.

When you prop your feet up on a dashboard, you are putting yourself at terrible risk. Airbags deploy at nearly 200 mph of force. If an event occurs, such as a car crash, that airbag deploys in only a split-second. It will cause horrific injuries to your legs if your feet are resting on a dashboard. (Michigan Auto Law)

Again, your feet on the dash...not illegal.

But seriously stupid, not funny, and not safe at all.

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