You may have seen Garth Brooks live in concert in Michigan since his return from his retirement.

Check that. Let me change that to "since his hugely successful in Garth Brooks only proportions return from his retirement". That's better. And while it might still be an understatement, it's still better.

Anyway, to memory...those post retirement appearances have been (I think) in order:

  • Multiple shows at The Joe in Detroit.
  • Multiple shows at Van Andel Arena in Grand Rapids.
  • One monster show at Ford Field. Thankfully before the COVID-19 pandemic...

Correct me if I've missed one, but I think I've got them covered.

Now, Garth Brooks is bringing his massive concert experience to...Coldwater!

You're thinking WHAT?!?!? The Dive Bar Tour? No not that one, it's the actual Garth Brooks concert tour experience...but when and where?

The when is Saturday, June 27th. It is going to be the biggest one-night show to ever be performed at outdoor theaters all over the United States and Canada. But what theaters, you ask?

Drive-In Theaters! How brilliant is that? A socially distanced show from the Greatest Of All Time at 300 drive-in's! I don't know who came up with this one but it's brilliant! And this is where the Coldwater, Michigan connection comes in:

The Garth concert will be happening at the legendary Capri Drive-In!

Want tickets? Well of course you do. Get them on Friday, June 19 at 12:00 p.m. Eastern at Ticketmaster, and this is also where you will be able to find all of the drive-in theaters that may be close to you and more info too.

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