Sam Hunt has made a name for himself with a distinct sound that blends country, pop and hip-hop. But the Georgia native has always had a passion for the more traditional country music he was raised on — and he's intentional about honoring that with new music.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Hunt shares that he's continuing to find ways modernize the classic country sound he loves and will incorporate it into his upcoming sophomore album. And even though he's often been chastised by traditionalists, the superstar still plans to offer a "nod to tradition" with his new songs.

“I feel like it’s important that we break down some walls and barriers when it comes to social groups we align ourselves with, and also the music we listen to,” Hunt explains. “I’ve never wanted to not include a reference [to classic country] because the group that I belong to thinks it doesn’t fit."

The "Body Like a back Road" singer also sees a deeper connection between the music we listen to and how it relates to us as people — he believes that it's important for people to broaden their horizons musically to see the world from different perspectives.

"The less we genre the music, the less we genre ourselves as people," he adds.

Hunt released a new song, "Sinning With You," on Friday (Jan. 3). It's inspired by how he was raised in church, but through reading and meeting people of all backgrounds, he's begun to analyze those traditions.

"Most of the value systems that I grew up around are rooted in religion and church. You start to read books and talk to people who grew up in different backgrounds, and you try to collect that knowledge and find some meaning, some truth. It speaks to the broader pursuit of truth and understanding, in terms of how you are supposed to live your life," he describes.

"Sinning With You" was originally scheduled for release on Nov. 22 — one day after Hunt was arrested for driving under the influence after attending a friend's show in Nashville.

Hunt is currently working on his highly anticipated follow up album to Montevallo, scheduled for release this year.

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