I was lucky enough to celebrate my birthday this year with a road trip to Nashville with my fiance, Matthew. For many reasons, it was the best birthday EVER! You can read about the MAIN reason HERE. Another reason was our tour at the Grand Ole Opry!

While we visited Nashville, a tour of the Grand Ole Opry was at the top of my road trip to-do-list because I love to learn new things. And what better thing to learn about than country music and its history!? I'm so  happy we were able to take a backstage peak.

During the tour, we saw the dressing rooms, got a virtual tour from Blake Shelton, saw where all the members receive their fan mail, and learned how #thecircle survived the flood of 2010. While in Nashville, you'll also be surrounded with ample opportunity to enjoy live country and blues music! If you feel like a road trip is in order to shake off the dust of winter, I would HIGHLY recommend taking a trip to Nashville and a visit to the Grand Ole Opry. Check out some of the photos below!

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