I'll be taking a road trip to Nashville pretty soon, and I am out of my mind excited!!! I've never visited Nashville before, so I'm looking forward to having a brand new adventure!

Of course, any road trip needs an EXCELLENT road trip playlist! When I think about any outstanding road trip playlist, they all seem to have a nice bit of variety and a certain amount of "singability"; those unique songs that span genres and get absolutely everyone to sing along. Can you say Don't Stop Believin' by Journey?

So this is where I would love your help, Wittle Family! What are some of your favorite road trips songs? Or maybe just your favorite song right now? What ever the case, let me know what you think I should add to my road trip playlist in the comments below or on the WITL Facebook page!

I do have a list going, check out some of the songs already on my playlist, below!

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This is one of my favorite songs right now.

Truth time - I am a HUGE Backstreet Boys fan!!! So, I couldn't NOT put something on the playlist. Here's one of my favs...

This one is so much fun to jam to!

Frank Turner is an amazing English singer, songwriter, guitarist, and more! This song is one of my favorites to sing along to because it's right in my range, and it applies to me.

Remember Kris Jones, the Tennessee Whiskey Singing Dad?!? He killed this cover of Tennessee Whiskey!


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