So, you've spent some time online, haven't you? And you think you've come to the end of the internet? Maybe. Maybe not.

I ask you. Have you embraced the world of "slow TV"? Allow me to introduce you.

Slow TV is a term for marathon TV shows or videos. Andy Warhol actually made a movie in the 60s called "Sleep" that consisted of five hours of one of his friends sleeping. Slow TV gained popularity in Norway in 2009, with live TV shows that featured cameras mounted on trains or boats as they took seven or eight hour trips, while people sat back and imagined they were on that trip. I happen to believe my parents were on the cutting edge of this movement in the 80s, when they took a trip to Yellowstone and got it all on VHS. Including the drive through Wyoming, narrated by my mom.

And now, as we search for entertainment and ways to de-stress during the coronavirus pandemic, slow TV may be about to come into its own. There's a lot of slow TV video to choose from - and people have a lot of time to watch it. Including trips in big rigs through Michigan and video of garlic bread being launched to the edge of space. So, sit back and relax - and enjoy my favorite slow TV videos. Almost 62 hours in all:

10 Great Examples of Slow TV - 62 Hours of Stress Free Video

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