You might think life in prison would be easy. From what I see on TV, when you're in prison, you don't have to worry about what you'll have for dinner and don't have to worry about buying clothes or even wonder "what should I wear today". That's all taken care of for you. It's a chance to network with like-minded entrepreneurs. Many residents have interesting tattoos (not to mention fascinating stories behind said tattoos - especially the ones covering their faces). And, if you like card games and have some cigarettes to bet - why would you ever go back to a casino? (Except to rob one, of course)

But, here's what you won't have in prison. At least in Michigan. Cellphones. And with that, of course - no way to update your Facebook page or see what your friends "on the outside" are up to.

According to the Detroit Free Press, this was brought to light about a week ago, when a gentleman with a Facebook page titled "Freeweezy Lethimgo" was found to be posting from Carson City Correctional Facility, presumably with a smuggled cellphone. He had over 1200 Facebook friends (which is WAY more than I have) And he's on the 'Gram, too! My guess is the, "friends you may know" section, was never seen by the guards until recently.

And it looks like the "Weezy" in question was some sort of event planner who wanted to keep his clients happy, even though he had fallen on hard times. A fact borne out with this post, " "Dont think cause im in prison i cant still arange for yo funeral…,"

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