It's always such a bummer when a restaurant we love leaves our lives for one reason or another. When I moved from Chicago and Tampa, I left a few of my favorites that are not here in Michigan.  So, I had to make some new ones.

It has been sad to see some restaurants close as well, due to the pandemic. Some barely stayed afloat and did because of Carry-Out.  Well, were are not out of the woods yet and here's to hoping that all our restaurants and bars have a good fall and winter season.

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Let's Eat East Lansing

I have been eating out more lately than ever, I really enjoy it and love trying new restaurants in the Mitten. Here is a restaurant that looks awesome and smells even better when you walk in, and it's back.  Welcome Grand Rivers newest addition according to Yep, there is about to be a party and your tastebuds are invited.

In 1987 Dan and Penny opened up their first D.P. Dough in Amherst, Massachusets,” said East Lansing D.P. Dough Owner David Macdougall. "In the early 2000's, the franchise was taken over by another gentleman and we're now at over 50 locations at 50 campus' in the nation.


He also adds, when the idea to open a new D.P Dough on MSU's campus he was all in. He couldn't wait. Pretty cool that's it is close to the students and near the stadium.

Yummy Variety Of Calzones

I was just checking out the menu and this is my kind of food, yum. Many Italian flavors worked into the dough and some great sides.

There are many different types of calzones that you can try, so yummy.  Let's get out and eat, and support all our local restaurants.

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