According to, a rare white-faced fawn born last month was rejected by its mother and is now living at an animal farm. Officials believe that the fawn, named Dragon, was rejected by his mother after birth because he looks different than other fawns. Dragon was different from the other deer (just like Rudolph) from the very start because his birth mother is a special type of whitetail deer known as the Piebald, which carries a genetic defect causing it to have large areas of white in its coat. The defect reportedly occurs in less than 1 percent of the whitetail deer population.

Dragon's new home is now Deer Tracks Junction in Cedar Springs, Michigan. Owners Hilary and Kelly Powell have several deer, mini donkeys, goats, pigs and more at the working farm that offers educational opportunities for kids and their families. You can see photos of the white-faced deer by clicking here and check out the video of Dragon below: