This just in: a coronal mass ejection (CME) has occurred on the surface of the sun. In response, a Geomagnetic Storm Watch has been issued by NOAA’s Space Weather Prediction Center. All that magnetized plasma should impact Earth on March 23rd. And that means - (possible) northern lights this weekend! (If it were really strong, one of these could knock out the power grid - and then there'd be no way to check your basketball bracket - or watch the games. Or read these fascinating posts. So let's hope that never happens)

According to, it's tough to predict these events accurately, but the timing should be right for POSSIBLE northern lights to be seen on Friday or Saturday night in northern Michigan (and possibly further south - if the storm is just a little bit stronger than they forecast, we might be able to see it down here)

Weather for Friday and Saturday should be good both nights, with partly cloudy skies on Friday night and mostly clear skies on Saturday night. Cross your fingers.

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