I'm not a big fan of any insects or bugs, but I really hate Mosquitos. Here is why. When I was a kid mosquitoes near our house on the southside of Chicago were in abundance. We had many trees, water, and a pool in the backyard did not help. Plus 9 kids running in and out left the door open inviting mosquitos into our home.

The bites were bad enough, but the toughest part was trying to sleep and those little buggers constantly flying in our ears. Loud enough to wake us up. Ugh. Hated that buzzing. Mom used to heavily spray our rooms with Raid before bedtime, but it only helped for a few hours.

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Where They Love To Hang

Well, here in Michigan we are having quite a summer with those pesky critters. Our parks are infested, they are making their way to our cars, and make themselves at home in our houses says fox47news.com.

I've been in the mosquito business for almost 40 years now this is really an impressive population," said Ned Walker, a professor of microbiology and entomology at Michigan State University. He says the reason we are seeing so many mosquitoes is because of the rain we had back in June.


Women scratch the itch with hand

The crazy part is there are about 65 species of mosquitoes in Michigan. I had no idea there were that many, wow. There are about 3500 species total, though, according to wiki.

How To Get Relief

The scary thing is a bite from an infected mosquito can spread diseases like Zika Virus, West Nile, Chikungunya, Dengue, and even Malaria. As if the itching was not bad enough. So keep a mosquito repellent on hand this summer with Deet.

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