I can't even believe I'm about to say this, but the latest trend is, 'cardening.'

What's 'cardening' you ask? It's a garden in your car.

Plant lovers are turning their dashboard, cupholders, you name it, into a garden.

My first thought was, "What plant is going to be able to live inside a hot car in the summer?" Duh, a cactus. So people are putting cacti, succulents and bonsai trees in their car.

How Zen of you. Who came up with this one? We need to have a chat.

I love plants and I'm jealous of those who have a green thumb and house plants. To be honest, a garden in my car is probably the only garden I would ever be able to keep alive because my cats eat everything. But it's going to be a no from me and here's why.

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The airbag! Are you that confident that your airbag will never be deployed?

What if it does? Now not only do you have an airbag coming at you, but you have to worry dodging a cactus so it doesn't take out your eye.

So, maybe you don't put your 'carden' on the dashboard where the air bag is and you go for the cupholder.

Are you never going to go through a drive-thru and order a drink ever again? Or are you planning on holding it the entire time?

Do you trust your thighs that much and think they won't accidentally squeeze your cup and you won't end up with a lap full of coffee? You're a brave soul if that's the case.

Let's play smarter not harder, people.

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