Paul Luning is a guy from California who quit his job so he could travel to the most dangerous places in the world. According to, out of Australia, Paul's been on vacation in places that I'd wouldn't go to, unless Priceline could book me on an F-16 and I had a SEAL Team escort. Places like Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia and Iran. He continues to travel and write about his travels on his blog called "Beyond the Headlines".

Paul's been to an amusement park in Iraq and hitch-hiked a ride with off-duty Iraqi soldiers.(He made friends in Erbil, Iraq with a guy who had lived in Michigan.) He got invited to party with Pakistani teenagers and in Mali, a country that's 90% Muslim, he found cheap beer and girls in mini-skirts.

I don't think I'll be heading to Iran this summer, but this is an interesting story.


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