I think everyone loves pizza, and pizza's popularity has proven to be pandemic proof. While many restaurants continue to suffer during these tough times, smaller pizza places are growing and have found ways to survive COVID-19. Check this out, almost 2,000 new pizza places have opened during the pandemic, and some restaurants added pizza to their menus as they started to do delivery.

Tastercooking.com says during tough times in our nation’s history, pizza has always been there.

Now, during a once-in-a-generation pandemic, pizza is once again answering the call. Slice, a quickly growing app that runs takeout and delivery for 12,000 independent pizzerias across the country, saw orders almost double between April and May, and the trend has continued at a similar pace through the end of the year. 

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Pizza has always been a quick go-to meal for me, whether I make it at home or order delivery  It may be thin crust, thick crust or even deep dish. I love them all.  And here are some of Lansing's best pizza places according to yelp.

  1. Detroit Frankie's Wood Fired Brick Oven
  2. The Cosmo's Wood Fired Pizza
  3. Deluca's Restaurant
  4. Buddy's Pizza
  5. Jet's Pizza
  6. Georgio's Pizza
  7. Sleepwalker Spirits and Ale
  8. Shove It Pizza Truck
  9. Mancino's Pizza and Grinders
  10. Cottage Inn Pizza

Being in radio I have lived all over the country. You really had look hard to find good pizza on the west coast. In my honest opinion, Chicago pizza is number one, Detroit/Lansing is number two, and New York is number three.

Check this out pizza fans from Barstool creator Dave.

Do you have a favorite pizza place we have to try? Let us know!

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