To say it was an incredible experience might just be an understatement. But that's the best way I can describe the first date of the Garth Brooks "Stadium Tour" Saturday night at Ford Field in Detroit.

If you were there on Saturday night, you know.

If you've ever seen Garth Brooks live in concert, you know.

Some of the 70,000 people plus who were at Ford Field on Saturday to see Garth for the first time now have some terrific memories. Others who have witnessed the spectacle before that is a Garth Brooks concert have even more really great memories.

It was an historic attendance at Ford Field, the biggest crowd ever and a show that saw Brooks perform many of his legendary hits and some of his newer recordings, too. Garth certainly made some extra special memories for those in the audience who brought large signs with their special requests on them. He played many of those requests, just Garth and his guitar in an acoustic set he calls "The Housekeeping" part of his show where he gets to perform songs that are crowd favorites that didn't make it on the evenings set list.

Check out the photos in the gallery above from a great show and a great big night in "The D".

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