If you recently left your motorcycle on the side of the road on I-69, don't worry! The Bath Township Police has it!

According to WILX News, a motorcyclist left their motorcycle on the side of I-69 near the Webster Road exit after driving through a patch of concrete that was still wet. Sections of the highway were being repaved, and were therefore closed off, when the motorcyclist drove through the still curing concrete.

The concrete now has a nice streak going down the middle where the motorcyclist drove through it, and the motorcycle is caked in concrete... abandoned on the side of the road where the driver left it when they decided to leave the scene and take "off on foot towards Chandler Road." Check out the damage done in the pictures from MDOT below.

So, if this motorcycle is yours, congrats! The Bath Township Police have it for you at the impound. They also have some questions for you...

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