What's left of the village of Peacock can be found in Peacock Township, Lake County, 12 miles north of Baldwin and 40 miles northeast of Ludington.

The village was located along the Chicago & West Michigan railroad, at the crossing of the Michigan East & West railway.

These days, driving through the one-lane back roads around Peacock may get a little unnerving, so, unless you have a weak heart, drive down these dirt roads some evening. The photos below show you some of these one-lane back roads that lead into Peacock.

Peacock was created as a lumber camp, railway station, and postal stop along the railroad. The post office opened on April 15, 1897 and the town was named after the first postmaster, David J. Peacock.

The village didn’t really grow much, but along with the train station and post office, it had a livery stable and general store. By 1917, the town population had shrunk down to 31. The Peacock post office lasted longer than many other P.O.'s in northern Michigan lumber towns, finally closing in 1943.

Peacock also had a cemetery that was for African-Americans only. No whites were allowed. To read more about that - and Peacock's infamous "Legend of Bloody Run Creek" - CLICK HERE.

Looking at the photos below, you can see that Peacock was a pretty decent little town at one time...now all the storefronts are gone, leaving a few current residents.


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