According to, Jon Smithers, a photographer from Minnesota and his buddy, photographer Craig Blacklock were flying a drone from a boat off the Pictured Rocks in Lake Superior on Monday, when part of a cliff gave way—almost smashing some kayakers. And they caught it all on video.

Sue Reece, Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore’s chief of interpretation, says these events are known as "releases." She says something like this happens about every year—usually after the spring thaw—with a bigger release about every five years. (see, you're not alone—even ancient cliffs get stressed and need a "release")

Nobody got hurt when the cliff came down. I'm surprised the kayakers didn't get hit. The cliff that came down was near someplace kayakers call "Turnaround Rock." The guide for the group of kayakers, Van Ouellette-Ballas, said, “That entire shelf just fell off right in front of our eyes,” he said. “It was just really incredible. The aroma of old dirt was just ridiculous. Honestly that was as cool as seeing it fall.”

If I was going to suggest a new scent for Yankee Candles, it would now be "Ancient Pictured Rocks Dirt".

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