Just like in the Three Stooges' "Disorder in the Court" and a Perry Mason episode titled "The Case of the Perjured Parrot", a parrot in west Michigan may solve a crime. But this time, it's real.

According to WOOD-TV in Grand Rapids, Martin Duram was shot and killed in his own home  in Ensley Township, north of Grand Rapids, in May of last year. His wife, Glenna, was wounded, but recovered. Police found three suicide notes written by Glenna, but she denies shooting her husband and says she has no memory of what happened that night. No one has been charged yet.

However, their African grey parrot, named Bud, was there. and Martin's family has a video of Bud mimicking both Glenna and Martin's voices, in what sounds like an argument. So far, there's no word on whether "Bud" will be admitted as evidence in this case. But, in the Perry Mason episode, the parrot was called to the stand and Perry Mason actually cross-examined the parrot. According to Martin's mom, Lillian, Bud has "got the filthiest mouth around".

There's a jury trial you actually want to get called for.

Your move State of Michigan.

Here's the story.


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