When you park your vehicle in a parking spot - do you pull in nose first or back in?

I've seen more and more cars backed in to parking spaces at stores and malls during the past couple of years. According to the Huffington Post, backing in might be the new trend (it's such a struggle for you and me to stay cool, huh?)

One of the reasons for this trend may be the influence of people who learned to drive in Asia. In China, 88% of people back into parking spaces. In the U.S. that number is 6%. Except in Hawaii, where backing in is more prevalent - maybe because of the influence of people who learned to drive in Asia. In some states, it's illegal to "reverse park", but if you've taken the State of Michigan driver's test, you know that's not the case here. And, the next time you're in Hawaii, check out their parking spaces - they're much narrower than mainland spaces. And send me a postcard.

There are even theories that say "reverse parking" can be tied to countries with better economies due to something called "delayed gratification". These people have too much time (or government grants) on their hands.. IMO.

Here's the whole story.


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