We're used to hearing warnings about checking our car batteries in extreme heat or extreme cold, but did you know this is something experts, including those at TheAutoChannel.com,  suggest doing twice a year?

Similarly, you might think about your windshield wiper blades during heavy rain or snow, but most drivers will need to change their wiper blades twice a year (or according to the manufacturer's specifications.)

Here are some other signs that it's time for new wiper blades, courtesy of our friends at O'Reilly Auto Parts:

Are your wiper blades chattering, skipping or squeaking? Don’t compromise your visibility with streaks or smearing on your windows. When it’s time to replace your wiper blades, stop by O’Reilly Auto Parts for help buying the correct windshield wipers. They'll even install your new blades (for free!) while you wait.

Similarly, O'Reilly Auto Parts will test your battery, starter and alternator (the three main reasons why your car wouldn't start) for free.

So, don't take a chance on getting stranded! Stop by O’Reilly Auto Parts and get your battery tested before an issue arises. O’Reilly Auto Parts can help you find the exact battery that fits your car or truck at a guaranteed low price.

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